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HVAC Contractor in
Orange County, CA

Rancho Santa Margarita Air Conditioning & Heating

Kalka Has the Best for Your Home

Your home deserves to have the highest quality air for you and your household. Having healthy, clean air is possible with the help of Kalka Heating & Air Conditioning in Rancho Santa Margarita. We provide the purest central air conditioning that’s free of bacteria, microbiological growth, and allergens.

Our goal is to bring you services and tools that help elevate and protect indoor air quality. The surest way of achieving this is to start from your furnace and air conditioner. Give us a call today. Our customer service representatives are standing by to take your call.

Read more to see how Kalka can benefit your home in Rancho Santa Margarita. We provide excellent service and differ from other HVAC contractors in many different ways.

Heating and Air Conditioning the Kalka Way

The average HVAC contractor may present you with an overwhelming display of furnaces and air conditioners. Selecting a new furnace or air conditioner with us is different. We only offer makes and models that are energy-efficient, performance-based and long-lasting. Each unit is buildable to meet more specific needs of your home so you get exactly what you want out of your new central air system.

HVAC Contractor in Rancho Santa Margarita –

We provide a personalized experience so that each step of the way, your concerns and preferences are taken into consideration. The greatest part of choosing to work with Kalka is the expert technical care and superior customer service you receive.

On the installation day, we arrive to your home with your new unit and before even entering we pull shoe covers over our boots to prevent tracking in dirt from outside. This is an extra step all Kalka technicians take to protect your home.

Rancho Santa Margarita air conditioner repair service –

Once we are inside, any floor areas where we work are also protected with plastic lining which serves to catch all debris and fall-out that occur during the installation process. We want you to know that we respect your home and appreciate you inviting us over to bring you excellent heating and air conditioning.

Rancho Santa Margarita Furnace Installations

To properly protect your new central air system and treat it with care, we take a few extra steps when it comes to the initial installation.

The furnace, which is usually kept in a furnace closet inside of the home or in an alcove of the garage, is fitted on top of a metal sheet base we provide. As seen in the photograph to the left, this metal sheet base guards the floor from scathing and staining that naturally accumulates over the lifespan of furnace use.

Furnace repair in Rancho Santa Margarita - HVAC - Kalka Heating & Air Conditioning - An additional step we take with Rancho Santa Margarita furnace installations is insulation, shown in the photograph to the right. Any surrounding walls of either the furnace closet or garage alcove are lined with insulation. This diminishes as much noise as possible so you aren’t bothered by loud noises, if any, every time the central air system is in use.

Quality Air Conditioning Installations

Rancho Santa Margarita air conditioning installations require a condenser pad for the air conditioning compressor component. Generally, the compressor is kept outside in the backyard where the condenser pad is also mounted onto the ground.

Air Conditioning Installation in Rancho Santa Margarita

This elevated platform serves to keep the compressor in a designated area so it does not obstruct pathways or interfere with other backyard furniture while protecting it from ground-level harm.

We feel that these additional steps are necessary in properly caring for your new central air system and are included in every full-service installation for every Rancho Santa Margarita home.

Gas-Free Choice for Heating and Cooling
Heat Pump Furnace in Rancho Santa Margarita

If your home is in a part of Rancho Santa Margarita that does not allow the use of traditional gas furnaces, we offer a popular alternative. The heat pumps split system is a heating and cooling alternative that functions on electricity and refrigerant. It effectively heats and cools homes and is a safe choice if you decide you want to go gas-free. The system is composed of the heat pump and an air handler, both of which we install on site at your home.

We want to make your experience with us one that is memorable and pleasant. Your 100 percent satisfaction is part of that experience. While you have us over, feel free to ask of us anything you need. Whether it’s a concern about heating and air conditioning or a household chore, we can promise to do our best to help.

Rancho Santa Margarita central air quality -

After we have achieved your 100 percent satisfaction, we clean up all the plastic lining, garbage and old units. Everything is loaded onto our van and carried away for proper disposal and recycling. With upfront pricing and a projected time-table, you know when we’re in and out without any surprise fees at the end.

Why Rancho Santa Margarita Chooses Kalka

Kalka has long been the favorite HVAC contractor of Rancho Santa Margarita. We hold ourselves to exceptional standards that competing HVAC providers do not.

Rancho Santa Margarita Condenser Training - Kalka Heating & Air Conditioning –

Every single year, we train for 150 hours in our own training facility. We update ourselves on new technology and developments in the HVAC industry. We master advancing techniques and approaches to handling your central air system that make positive changes in air quality and conditioning. This is how you know that every time we visit, your central air system is treated in the most accurate way.

Kalka Rancho Santa Margarita HVAC Technician

Before we hire, we require every technician to pass drug tests and background checks. Only after passing do we send technicians out to your home. For your added security, prior to your scheduled appointment, you receive an email containing the photo IDs of your technicians so you know who to open your doors to.

Rancho Santa Margarita Heating Repairs and AC Maintenance

Kalka Heating & Air Conditioning

Rancho Santa Margarita homeowners have important choices to make pertaining to their air conditioning repairs and heating repairs. Kalka simplifies these difficult decisions you need to make. We utilize your central air system by having it condition the air to produce high performance quality and air. We want only the best for all of the families living in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Kalka technicians evaluate each HVAC system with the same level of detail, regardless of how minimal the issue may seem. If you think your central air system needs attention, have us visit right away. Not only do we properly diagnose the problem, but we provide practical ways to restore its health so you can get back to enjoying perfectly conditioned air.

The most convenient way of caring for your central air system is through our Rancho Santa Margarita AC maintenance program. You have an expert from Kalka monitoring your heating and air conditioning all year long so you don’t ever have to worry about your central air system failing.

Air Protected by Kalka

Rancho Santa Margarita Air Conditioning Repair Services - As the foremost provider of heating and air conditioning services, our goal and mission is to bring the homes of Orange County the highest quality air possible. Our services and products are all designed to help you achieve just that.

Thousands of families have already experienced the difference in choosing Kalka and have especially benefited from implementing air purifying systems.

Rancho Santa Margarita indoor air quality

We have tested and found that using a combination of super filters and performance air cleaners successfully eliminates up to 99.9 percent of all airborne particles and pathogens. Invisible gasses and vapors, microbiological growth, allergens and bacteria that roam around the home are captured and destroyed so they aren’t breathed in.

It is by far the most practical and effective way of cleaning the air inside of your home and we know how to help you do it.

If you want to hear from past clients about their experiences with us, please visit our clients’ testimonials page.

Rancho Santa Margarita, one of Orange County’s youngest cities, allows families to enjoy the luxury of living in a master planned community that is beautifully set on rolling hills. Because Kalka Heating and Air is a local business, serving this area is part of our commitment to sustainably support its residents, the economy, and the environment of the county.

Professional HVAC Services

We have satisfied clients all over Orange County who can vouch for the impeccable service given by our experienced and well trained technicians. We pride ourselves on having people who know heating, ventilation, and air conditioning like the back of their hands. Moreover, we have a good deployment system that allows us to quickly provide HVAC services when emergencies arise.

Our current services include air conditioning installation, repair, replacement, and servicing. Likewise, for more than two decades we have served customers from all over Orange County by installing, replacing, and repairing residential and commercial heating systems. In all of these services, we consistently provide prompt and competent action to satisfy clients.

Reliable Air Conditioning Installation

Reliable Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning is a non-negotiable necessity in coastal Southern California where Rancho Sta. Margarita is located. The Mediterranean climate enjoyed by the community means summers can range from merely warm to hot. This means that a reliable air conditioning system has to be in place to enable people to go about their activities comfortably and efficiently.

The proper air conditioning system, reinforced by efficient filters and vents, will not only allow residents and workers to conduct business without disruption; it will also improve indoor air quality and control particulate matter inside homes and offices. In this respect, you won’t find service and advice better than what our technicians will give you when you call us.

Appropriate Installation of Heating Systems

A good part of professional heating installation is giving timely and ethical advice on the best system for a specific building. Because Rancho Santa Margarita is known for cool winters that rarely fall below freezing, it is important that you hire people who know that the biggest and the most expensive heater is not always necessary nor the best suited for your particular needs.

With conscientious attention to detail, our technicians will equip you with a unit and a system that will provide a healthy and productive atmosphere for you. Whether you have a two-bedroom house or a sprawling office complex, installing the most appropriate system is of utmost importance for us at Kalka Heating and Air.

How We Built Our Reputation as Leading HVAC Services Provider

Apart from the fact that we hire only the best technicians, our reputation is built on the practice of using only premium products when we install HVAC systems. We exercise the same care when we are called on to repair or replace parts in existing systems. We also go the extra mile by recycling ozone-depleting refrigerants.

If you need a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system installed or if you are thinking of having your HVAC system repaired or replaced, call us at 949-458-6600. We will send a qualified professional to your Rancho Santa Margarita property to carefully walk you through your options. Once you decide which course of action to take, we will go to work to make sure you get what you need without delay.

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  • Cypress
  • Dana Point
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